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Jocome and Jano at Bill's rock shelter


Artifacts and features indicative of the Canutillo complex are present in small rock shelter overlooking an arroyo where game could undoubtedly be found. This represents either the Jano or Jocome, most likely the latter because this was in their homeland.


A low cobble wall was constructed at the end of the rock shelters, probably to provide shelter from the wind and perhaps the sun. The inhabitants may have erected a hide curtain to shield the interior space from the elements on this end.


A clearing in the shelter seems to have been a work area, with a slab metate and a stone tool present on the surface. The area was free of rocks but rocks surrounding the clearing likely represent a feature related to the work undertaken inside.


A close-up of the cleared work area shows the wall in the stacked cobble background and the groundstone near the north arrow and GPS to the left. Little in the way of material culture is present, which is consistent with highly mobile hunter-gatherers-fishers.


A scraper typical of the Canutillo complex was found on the surface in this area.


The groundstone shows minimal evidence of use and is not shaped other than perhaps that the rock may have been broken to make it more manageable.

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The view from the rock shelter is perfect for viewing game and for ensuring visibility of the approach of potential enemies.

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